If the user has connected their Blackbaud.com account to their everydayhero charity account, they will need to Reset their Blackbaud.com password
Once they have reset the Blackbaud.com credentials, they may visit https://nfp.everydayhero.com/admin/us/sign-in to login to the everydyayhero account.

If the user has not connected their Blackbaud.com account, they may take the following steps:
1. Visit https://nfp.everydayhero.com/admin/us/forgotpassword.
2. Enter your email address in the required field.
3. Click the green "Request Email" button.
4. You'll receive an email that includes a link to reset your password. The email from address is everydayhero [mailto:notification@everydayhero.com]. Ensure this address is allowed into your email server.
5. Click the green"Reset Password" button, complete the form and click Submit.