1. Create a Constituent query of the records that have the specific constituency codes or attributes that will be deleted.
  2. Create a Constituent export that includes constituent import ID, constituency code / attribute import ID and constituency code / attribute type or category. (Optionally, add more fields to help review the data in Excel. But these will not be used for the import.) Use filters to select the specific address type and export the file as CSV format.
  3. Open the CSV file in Excel.
  4. In the header, rename constituent import ID to ImportID, attribute category & description can remain the same, Constituency Code rename the constituency code import ID to be ConsCodeImpID  and Constituent Code to be ConsCode
  5. In the constituency code type (labeled ConsCode) or attribute category (labeled Category), change the entries to "Delete Me" in the whole column.
  6. Save the file as a CSV file.
  7. Update the database to change the constituency code using, How to import new constituency codes or update existing ones (includes sample data file) or use How to import constituent attributes (includes sample data file) for importing attributes:
    • On the General tab, choose to Update existing records.
    • On the General tab, choose to create new table entries (for the Delete Me entry in step 5).
    • Attach the data file created in steps 1 - 6
    • If more fields were added/exported than what is mentioned in step 2, review the Fields tab to ensure that just the mentioned fields are mapped.
  8. When the import is complete, run the Globally Delete on "Delete Me" constituency code or attribute category.