This can be cause by erroneous HTML code within the content of the Detail page, such as a space (%20) before the URL of a link. To view and correct the HTML code:
  1. From either Core or onMessage, select Communication > Pushpage.
  2. Select either Pushpage Issues or Pushpage Templates, depending on where the content for the Detail page is located. If the content is edited directly on the Template, a new issue would need to be created to display the changes that are made.
  3. Edit the Issue or Template.
  4. Select Detail Pages.
  5. Click Edit for the Detail Page that is causing the issue.
  6. Click Edit Detail Page.
  7. Click the HTML button: HTML icon
  8. In the new window, review the HTML code for any invalid HTML code.
  9. Click Update once the code has been corrected.
  10. Click Apply Changes.
  11. Click <-- Back to Detail Pages.
  12. Click <-- Back to Issue.
  13. Click Save & Exit.