Wrong Account System is placed on recurring gift record when the Account System is defaulted in the batch template

A batch template is set up with a default Account System. When a batch is created based on that template and a new recurring gift is added to it, the recurring gift does not receive the Account System defaulted in the template.
We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a new Enhanced Revenue Batch template or modify an existing one. Set the account system field to have a default. Choose any existing account system.
2. Create a new batch based on the template in Step 1.
3. Fill out a batch row to add a new recurring gift:

-Add any Constituent
-Add any Amount
-Add any Date
-Add Revenue type of 'Recurring Gift'.
-Add any Designation

4. Update projected totals and Validate to get the batch to a state with no exceptions/errors.
5. Save and close the batch.
6. Commit the batch.
7. Go to the recurring gift record that was just created and take note of the revenue ID for the recurring gift.
8. Go to the Analysis tab.
9. Click Information Library.
10. Create a new Ad-hoc query with a Revenue source view.
11. Add the Revenue ID field as one of the fields to filter on and set it equal to the revenue ID for the recurring gift.
12. Add the Account System field to the 'Results fields to display:' section.
13. Click on the Results tab.
14. Notice the Account System is not the Account System that was set as the default in the batch template.


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