UK: Mislabelled column in R68 refund report 'Reason for refund'

In the R68 refund report the 'Reason for refund' column caption is misleading. The report column refers to the 'Refund source' on the revenue record's 'Gift Aid Refunds' tab.
We are currently evaluating a fix for a future service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate

UK prodcut flag must be switched on.

1. Add a payment to a constituent record that has a valid gift aid declaration
2. Run an R68 process to claim the gift aid and update the payment with the tax claim number
3. Now go to the payment record and on the 'Gift Aid Refunds' tab manually add a refund - refund source becomes 'Manually refunded', also note you can add text for the column 'Reason'
4. Process another R68 run so that the refund is picked up.
5. From the R68 process screen click 'View R68 Refund report' notice the refund report has the refund source labelled as 'Reason for refund' which can be confused with the 'Reason' column on the payment record

This is how it is currently mapped/labelled:

'Refund Source' on the payment record -> 'Reason for Refund' on the R68 refund report


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