• Can you add additional sections to an inquiry form? 
​At this time, additional sections can not be added to an inquiry form. The form was intentionally made to show as one page to keep things quick and easy for users to fill out online. 
  • ​Should Blocks appear in a specific order? For example, is it ok to place a Misc Block between the Applicant Block and the Household Block?
Blocks can appear in any order on the Inquiry form with the exception of the Applicant and Household Blocks. The Applicant Block should come before the Household Block. There can be other Blocks between the Applicant Block such as the Misc Block

In the Applicant Block should we always display Person Inquiry and Relationship to Student?
At this time, the Person Inquiring and Relationship to Student fields collected on the Inquiry form are not being saved to the database. Neither of these fields impact processing an Inquiry or build the Parent/Child Relationships. It is safe to hide the Person Inquiring and Relationship to Student fields.
  • In the Household Block, what creates the shared address between the Candidate and Parent of Candidate? Also, what creates the Parent/Child Relationship?

Each Household Block can have 2 Parents (Parent/Guardian 1 and Parent/Guardian 2). Parents that are added together in the same household block will always share the home address. Each Household Block will have a field name 'Address Same as Applicant.' When the value of this field is set to 'Yes', then the Candidate and Parent of Candidate of the household will have a shared address.
  • Does it matter where certain fields reside within a block? For example, in the Household block does it matter where the Home Phone field resides?

We recommend the Home Phone field to always be located right next to the Address fields, because if the Candidate and Parent of Candidate share the address, the system assumes they also share the Home Phone. More then likely each person will have their own Wireless Phone and Email. It is recommended that Wireless Phone and Email be kept with the Applicant or Parent 1/Parent 2 Fields.

Fields within one block cannot be moved to another block. They can only be moved within their respective block.
  • Where does the information entered into the Citizenship field reside?

    The information that is entered into the Citizenship field displays in two areas: the Candidate Profile Contact Card as well as the User Profile Contact Card under the Citizenship/Resident section.