A customer has one Blackbaud ID that is used to access both NXT and Blackbaud.com solutions: however, the accounts are independent of each other.  If  a site administrator deactivates a user on Blackbaud.com,  it has no impact on that user’s record in NXT and vice versa.  
  1. A Blackbaud ID is generated for anyone that creates an account for Blackbaud.  Each unique email address has one unique Blackbaud ID account, but note that multiple accounts can be created by one user if using more than one email account (i.e. one from Organization domain and one from GMail)  The user doesn’t have access to do anything until invited to join an organization or invited to access NXT software.  
  2. A customer with NXT receives an email from the software supervisor to get access to the NXT database.  Once they accept the invitation, their Blackbaud ID account is associated with that NXT database - NOTE; this will be associated with whichever email address was used to login to blackbaud.com, regardless of which email address received the invitation.  If they are associated with multiple NXT databases then they receive multiple invitation emails and their one Blackbaud ID account is associated with each of the NXT databases.  Upon login with their Blackbaud ID, they will have a list of NXT databases to access.  This activation does not give them access to the resources available on Blackbaud.com. 
  3. A customer receives an email invitation from their organization’s Site Administrator to be associated with the organization on Blackbaud.com.  Once they accept the invitation and verify their email address, a record (a/k/a internal record) is created in the Blackbaud's databases. Their Blackbaud ID is associated with this record.  Upon login at www.blackbaud.com with their Blackbaud ID, they have access to resources, pending active subscriptions, such as chat support, Case Central, my blackbaud, training, and Community.  This activation does not give them access to the organizations NXT database.  
Note:  A customer that completes steps 1-3 has access to NXT and Blackbaud.com resources which are all linked to their one Blackbaud ID.  A NXT customer that only completes steps 1 & 2 can function completely in NXT but will receive an Oops! Error when trying to access resources on Blackbaud.com since they were not invited to access these resources by their Site Administrator.