Do I have to use the 'onCampus Attach' app to attach files to assignments on the iPad?

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After iOS v9 update for the iPad, the onCampus Attach App is no longer necessary. Apple has introduced a ‘share from’ function, which can be used through a user’s onCampus login. This process is detailed below:
  1. When a student opens an assignment within the application, and selects ‘attach file’, a variety of ‘share from’ applications will be selectable:
    Select application to share from
  2. Files will show upload progress:
    Upload in progress
  3. When fewer than the maximum allowed files have been attached, the interface will be orange
    (in this example, 3 of 5 files are attached)

    Less than max attached
  4. When the maximum allowed files have been attached, the interface will be blue.
    A user then can press ‘Submit Assignment’

    Max files attached
  5. This will prompt the user if they are sure they would like to submit
    Ok to submit?
  6. After submission, the interface will be green
    After submission
  7. When the assigning teacher views the assignment, they will see the date and time the assignment was submitted, as well as being able to download the individual files
    Teacher view of submission
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