If you have not done so, create a query(s) in The Raiser's Edge with the email addresses that are to be included in the list: How do I create a query in Raiser's Edge (includes video demo)

Use your Raiser's Edge Query(s) to create a Constituent List in NetCommunity.

1. Log into NetCommunity as a user with access to email.
2. Select Email > Lists. 
3. Click New List - the Select Data Source window will open.
4. Select the Data Source: Constituents.
5. Click: OK - The screen will refresh.
5. Enter a unique name for the list in the List Name field. 
6. Click: Add Query 
7. Search for the query from the Raiser's Edge. 
8. Click: Select next to the query you will be using to create the list.
9. Repeat steps 6 thru 8 to add additional queries to the list
10. Save when you are done

NOTE: The list is now added to the queue for loading. - If you search for the list now you will see that the record count is zero.
If you are loading multiple lists at a time, and especially if the lists have a lot of constituents, it may take longer for each list to load.

If the list does not update in a reasonable amount of time, please refer to the following article(s) for troubleshooting steps:
Error: Status: This list has been queued for loading - when creating or updating email lists
Email using query based list shows 0 recipients

NOTE: In some cases you may notice emails sending slowly or generating error when trying to send to large lists
See this article for recommendations regarding managing email list sizes:
Is there a limit on the number of email recipients that can be included in email sent through Blackbaud NetCommunity?

Create an email template and associate it with the Data Source:

1. Go to Emails > Templates
2. Click New Template
3. On the Properties tab, enter the Template Name
4. For Data Source:
    - Select Constituents:  If you want to will be using single or multiple constituent lists, will need to change/add/remove constituent lists in the messages when duplicating them or using merge fields.

    *NOTE: YOU CANNOT USE CUSTOM MERGE FIELDS WITH CONSTITUENT LISTS. To use custom merge fields, you would need to use an Imported List  
    - Select "None":  If you will be using constituent lists, imported list or any combination of multiple lists with this template.


5. Choose the Email address type you want the emails sent to - This is set to Primary by default and is based on the email types you have created in The Raiser's Edge.
6. Enter the subject, From name and From address
7. Click: Save
8. The Design tab will load and you will be in the template editor
9. Enter the content for the body of the email - Reference the email guide

    *NOTE: The email messages require a link to the web page that displays your Privacy Policy and a link to the web page where users select whether to receive email messages, the User Email Preferences Page.

    To add a link to the Privacy Policy: 
    - Highlight the the text to be used as the link to the Privacy Policy
    - click; Insert > Link, in the toolbar 
    - Mark the radio button next to: Create link to special page
    - From the dropdown, select the page that is disignated as the: (Privacy Page)
    - Click: Insert

    To add a link to the User Email Preferences Page: 
    - Highlight the the text to be used as the link to the User Email Preferences
    - click; Insert > Link, in the toolbar 
    - Mark the radio button next to: Create link to special page
    - From the dropdown, select the page that is disignated as the: (Email Preferences Page)
    - Click: Insert

10. Click: Save

Create and send a new message:

11. Click: New Message - to create a new email message based on this template
12. To attach your list(s) to your email, click the binocular icon on the "Recipients Lists" line - The Select Target Lists window will open
13. Select the lists you will be using for the email and click: Add
14. Click OK when you are done adding the desired lists - the window will close
15. Enter any required information in the email fields and update the body of your message as needed
12. Save and Send Test messages accordingly until you are ready to send your final message
13. Click Send Final when ready to send.

Click here for more details on sending email messages in NetCommunity