Why did the HFHI BO report job run successfully but the report files did not get transferred to the FTP server?

Reports have been run successfully on the HFHI BO server, but have not arrived at HFHI.
Confirm with the client where they are expecting the reports to be, as there are a few steps to this procedure.

Every 15 minutes Blackbaud has a process that moves reports from the BO server to /export/home/app/ta/hfhi/output/users/TA_BO_reports. The reports will be in an appropriate subfolder there.  After the process moves all the reports, it deletes them from the BO server.  There is a theoretical possibility that a report can be written to the BO server after the move has occurred but before the delete occurs.  But very unlikely. The Oracle DBAs are in charge of this process.

On the HFHI side, they have a sweep process that moves or copies reports from /export/home/app/ta/hfhi/output/users/TA_BO_reports into the HFHI intranet. The client is in charge of this process and if any questions need answering, start with Grant Johnson.


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