This issue occurs when an organization name is not entered into Core. Or if edits to the nonconstituent record are made in Raiser's Edge instead of Core.

When a business relationship is added to the "ON" products (Core) and no organization or business name is entered, that relationship record will sync to Raiser's Edge as a nonconstituent relationship record with the default name "N/A". Organization name is a required field in Raiser's Edge but is not in Core, Connect RE will automatically add the name "N/A" to these records to successfully process through the Connect RE integration.

Users report that editing these relationship records incorrectly update all Raiser's Edge records that were created from Connect RE. This occurs when nonconstituent relationship records in the "ON" products share the same name. Users report the following scenarios:

1. After adding a business name to the "ON" products record the update processed through Connect RE will incorrectly update all "N/A" nonconstituent relationships to that business name. These businesses and relationships are unrelated in Core and RE.

2. Updating the organization name to one of the "N/A" relationships directly in Raiser's Edge will automatically update the organization name on all other "N/A" records. If a business name was not added to the linked record in Core the next time the record is processed through Connect RE the "N/A" relationship will be re-added. This may cause duplicate relationship records in Raiser's Edge.