Stage 1: Get a feel for Altru
In this stage, just get familiar with Altru and how to use some of the resources available to you. Don't worry about learning the details of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks yet; simply focus on the layout, features, and concepts of Altru. With this foundation, you’ll quickly learn the details in the next stages and prepare yourself to work in Altru.

Week One:
  1. Get a account. Login Help
  2. Complete the Basics of Altru eLearning course.
  3. Join the Altru Community.
  4. Read the following chapters and chapter sections in Altru for Beginners.
    • Introduction
    • Constituents
    • Events
    • Sales - Point of Sales: One-Stop Shopping
    • Revenue - Payments: Money, Money, Money...and Gifts-in-Kind
    • Data Management
    • Outroduction
  5. Enroll in the Blackbaud University online instructor-led courses. These two courses are prerequisites for all other Altru online instructor-led courses:
  6. If you are also responsible for facility rentals at your organization, check out the role-based training guide for Group Sales Coordinators: What training is recommended for a new Group Sales Coordinator?
Stage 2: Learn how to do your job
The trainings and resources in this section are arranged so that your most common tasks are addressed first.

Week Two - Daily Tasks:
As a Fundraising and Special Events Manager, you’ll be interacting with constituent records in your database regularly. Use these resources to understand the constituent record in Altru.
  1. Check out these Help Topics:
  2. Watch these videos:
  3. Enroll in the Blackbaud University online instructor-led course Altru: Constituent Record Management.
Event Registrations and Payments
Event registrations and registration payments can be processed in both the Altru Sales screens, online, and through the Altru back office tools. 
  1. Check out the Help Topic: Registrations
  2. Watch these Videos:
    • Refer to these Knowledgebase articles:
    Week Three - Weekly Tasks:
    Fundraising Event Configuration and Management
    Explore the options within fundraising event records to help you manage event planning.
    1. Check out the Help Topic: Special Event Setup
    2. Watch these Videos:
      • Refer to these Knowledgebase articles:
      • Review these Altru Masters Workshop Recordings & Handouts
      Query is a grouping tool that allows you to group records with similar characteristics. Queries are used throughout Altru to filter what records should be included in a mailing, report, export, or process.
      1. Enroll in the Blackbaud University online instructor-led courses:
      2. Check out the Help Topic: Getting Started in Query.
      3. Watch the Altru Query videos.
      4. Practice query with a few of these fundraising event related queries:
      Week Four - Monthly & Occasional Tasks:
      Event Invitations
      Event invitations can be used to generate save the date mailings or emails and invitations for constituents that you would like to involve in an event. 
      1. Check out the Help Topic: Event Invitations
      2. Watch this video: Sending Event Invitations in Altru
      3. Refer to this Knowledgebase article: How to send invitations for a fundraising event (includes video demo)
      Address Processing Options
      The Address Processing Option feature allows you to specify which addresses to use and what organizational contacts to use in your mailing.
      1. Check out the Help Topic: Address Processing Options
      2. Watch this Video: Configuring and Using Address Processing Options in Altru Communications
      Name Format Options
      Name Format Options allow you to specify how you would like the Addressee, Contact Addressee, and Salutation to appear in your mailings.
      1. Check out the Help Topic: Name Format Options
      2. Watch these Videos:
      3. Review these Altru Masters Workshop Recordings & Handouts
      Import Selections
      If you have any edits or additions to your list, you can also upload a revised list of constituents for invitations back into Altru using the Import Selection feature.
      1. Check out the Help Topic: Import Selections
      2. Watch this Video: Importing Selections in Altru
      Stage 3 - Practice makes perfect
      Now that you’ve learned the basics and laid the foundation to mastering Altru, let’s hone those skills through practice and review.

      Week Six and Beyond: