This error message will occur if a Card Type is not selected for the transaction. Select the proper Credit Card type when processing this transaction, and make sure to fill out all fields when Authorizing the Card on Save. To process these back office membership transactions successfully:
  1. Search for the Constituent through the search bar.
  2. On the Constituent Record, click Add  Membership at the top left.
  3. Under "What are they paying for?" fill out the relevant Program, Level, and Term.
  4. Make sure there is some value for the Membership Amount, and change as necessary.
  5. For "How are they paying?", select the Payment Method of Credit Card.
  6. Add Name on Card, Card type, Card Number, and Expires On date.
  7. The error message can be caused by a blank entry for Card type, so make sure it's filled out, shown here:
  8. User-added image
  9. Click Save.