The IBBWarningRule interface can be used with many objects in The Financial Edge that would normally prompt a user for a Yes/No option.  With the FE API, these warnings can be completely overridden or selectively overridden. The below sample demonstrates how to override a specific warning of "The invoice amount and 1099 total amount no longer match."  seen with a CAPInvoice object.
Public Sub seeCAPInvoiceWarnings()
    Dim oInvoice As CAPInvoice
    Set oInvoice = New CAPInvoice
    Dim oWarn As IBBWarningRule
    oInvoice.Init fe_application.SessionContext
    '' Set oWarn to oInvoice object
    Set oWarn = oInvoice
    '' loop through all available warnings and output their description
    Dim i As Integer
    i = 1
    Do While i <= oWarn.Count
        Debug.Print i & ": " & oWarn.Description(i)
        i = i + 1
'''' While loop outputs:
''''    1: There are open Purchase Orders for this Vendor.
''''    2: There are unapplied credit memos for this vendor.
''''    3: This invoice may cause you to exceed the current credit limit of $0.00 for this vendor.
''''    4: This invoice is a duplicate.
''''    5: The invoice amount and 1099 total amount no longer match.
''''    6: The post date for this Invoice is different than the invoice date.
''''    7: The application post date is different from the application date for one or more applications.
''''    8: Invoice approval status will be changed to Approved in order to save.
    '' Override a specific rule with:
    oWarn.OverrideWarning(5) = True
    '' any code here that would normally show warning will now not show warning

    Set oInvoice = Nothing
End Sub

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