Setting a batch status to "Approved" can be done at any point when working with the batch by setting  cGLBatch.Fields(GLBATCHES_fld_STATUS) = "Approved" and saving the batch.  The "Approved by" and "Last changed by" fields will be set to the user in the API connection.  This step is nessesary if you have the business rule "Journal entry batches must be approved before they can be posted" enabled in Configuration > Business Rules > Journal Entry

Public Sub postGLBatch()
    Dim oBatch As cGLBatch
    Set oBatch = New cGLBatch
    With oBatch
        .Init fe_application.SessionContext
        .Load 608  ''adjust to your cGLBatch system ID
        ''''Uncomment next two lines to set the batch as approved 
        ''.Fields(GLBATCHES_fld_STATUS) = "Approved"
    End With
    Dim oPost As cGLPost
    Set oPost = New cGLPost
    With oPost
        '' init options for cGLPost can validate only or validate and post
        .Init fe_application.SessionContext, GLPost_optValidate
        '.Init fe_application.SessionContext, GLPost_optValidateAndPost
        ' returns true if validation/posting was successful
        .ProcessBatch oBatch
    End With
    Set oPost = Nothing
    Set oBatch = Nothing
End Sub

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