When a Transaction is received from Cart:
  • Each item will have its own segment regardless of quantity if it does not have any additional defined fields at checkout.
  • If the cart has General Checkout Questions (step 2 of Cart setup) that apply to Transactions, then each item quantity will have its own segment. If the General Checkout Questions apply to Constituents, then this will not cause additional segments.
  • If an item has checkout defined fields (added to the item itself), then each item of the quantity will have its own segment. (For example: A t-shirt item is created with a checkout defined field for size. A shopper specifies a quantity of three of the t-shirt. At checkout, the shopper will have to specify a size for each shirt. Each shirt will be its own segment of the transaction, even if the shopper leaves the fields unanswered.)
  • A donation has its own segment.
  • Tax has its own segment.
  • Shipping has its own segment.