One way is to update the preferred address directly on a constituent record. If you have a small group of updates, then this may be the faster way to make the updates. The following steps will maintain the links of the current preferred address:
  1. First, copy the preferred address to an alternate address to save it to the Address tab.
  2. Then, edit the current preferred address. (Note: The alternate address creates in the background. For more information, please refer to Nothing changes on preferred address when copying preferred to alternate address.)
If address updates are imported as new current preferred addresses, then the existing preferred address will move to an alternate address automatically. That move will also move any links to the preferred address. If your preferred addresses are widely shared, such as between spouses or employees/employers, then it's important to add update on the current preferred address to maintain the links (such as the numbered steps above depict).

(Note: Blackbaud offers AddressFinder that updates constituent addresses directly through the Data Health Center. This service will maintain address links on constituent address records.)

To use a constituent Import to complete this update of updating the existing current preferred address to maintain the links and moving the current preferred address to an alternate address, the import data file will need to contain the following:
  • The Constituent ID, Constituent Import ID, or SSN to identify the existing constituent record.
  • The existing preferred address Address Import ID (AddrImpID) of the current preferred address.
  • The address fields of the updated address to be changed, such as AddrLines, AddrCity, AddrState, and AddrZIP, and other fields such as AddrType and AddrValidFrom.
  • Optionally, the address fields of current preferred address to move it to a new alternate address.

If you exporting a mailing list to a mailing service/mailhouse who will be returning a file of address changes:
  • In the mailing list sent to them, include the Constituent ID/Constituent Import ID and the Address Import ID.
  • Contact the mailing service/mailhouse to confirm the returned file format. Request that they keep IDs with the data. Ideally, the returned updated address file should format should contain the Constituent ID/Constituent Import ID sent, the Address Import ID sent, the updated address, and the prior address. Anything missing in the file will have to be added prior to import.
  • Be careful of any Import IDs that export with leading zeroes. Consider adding leading non-zero characters (like ZZZ) to the ID values so Excel does not drop them. (A leading non-zero character can be concatenated in Excel.) Be sure to note the leading characters used so they can be removed before importing.