Currently it is possible to pull this information through a Vendor Export:

Note: In the results for Vendor Type: 
1= Organization
2 = Individual

1. In Accounts Payable > Export > New > Select Vendor along with your desired format (Excel 2007, etc.)
2. Click Create Now
3. If you wish to narrow the list of results to just Vendors marked as 1099 Vendors, on the filters tab, change Vendors from All to Selected
4. Mark the option for query and click the binoculars
5. Click Add new query at the top
6. On the criteria tab, expand Vendor > Double click on 1099 Vendor > Operator equals and Value of Yes > Click Ok
7. Select File > Save > add a name and click Save > Close the query and click Ok to select the new query
8. Click the Output tab
9. Expand Vendor and select Vendor Type
10. Add any other desired fields to the Output, such as Vendor Name, etc.
11. Preview if desired using File > Preview Export file
12. Save the Export
13. Click Export Now