We have received reports that some reminder emails are being sent with errors in the emails. We are aware of the issue and have escalated this to be resolved by our developers.

The error is being caused by the merge field in the template used by the reminder: Request_Applicant_Email_Address. 

We have found that the error is only thrown when the email is sent using Reminders. If you send emails manually from your records, the error will not be issued. 

At this time, you would need to edit your reminders to remove this merge field from your messages in order to avoid people seeing the error. 

To edit your reminder template:(Note: Only users with access to Reminders can complete this task)

1. Launch > Reminders
2. Locate and double click to open the reminder issuing the email containing the error
3. In the E-mail Content section of the reminder, reference the E-mail template listed. 
4. Launch the Document Template Manager. (If you have never used this before, you will need to install it via Admin > Install Template Manager)
5. Based on the record type your reminder is created for (Activity, or Requirement) Select that template type on the left hand side
6. Open the template from your reminders
7. Locate the merge field in the template and backspace to remove it.