• Please refer to our FAQ document: We recommend checking this resource first. This has the largest number of our most common questions answered in one place. 
  • SSO User Guide: This has a general overview of what SSO is, and steps to take. 
  • SSO Community Page: This has blogs about specific tasks, and the SSO Webinar recording.
In Addition, here are other questions that have been asked less frequently that are not listed in our FAQ guide above: 
  1. Is this change only happening on one day? For example, if someone logs in after the change happens, will they still have to link their accounts? 
    1. Yes, this will be the new way to login to Altru moving forward. Any user logging in after their organization is upgraded to 4.98 will need to sign in with a Blackbaud ID.
  2. What if you have invited someone to create a BBID and they didn't but then go through this process to create one? Will it marry the two?
    1. The only way a user will be linked to your organization through Blackbaud.com is if they register using the link present in the invitation email. If necessary, you can resend an invitation so that the unlinked user can complete the process.
  3. Any way to upload a list of emails to the BB site rather than one at a time? I have 40 users to invite. 
    1. At this time, Blackbaud.com does not have a way of bulk-adding users to an organization's records.
  4. I believe previously it took 24 hrs to get new users recognized by BB. Is this true now? 
    1. A full sync of users occurs after 24 hours of adding a new user. However, this only affects access to help and training resources on Blackbaud.com. Once a user is invited through Altru, they will have immediate access to the Altru database. 
  5. Can you provide an example of the email notification sent to users when being invited to Blackbaud by the site admin? 
    1. For the steps on inviting users, and a preview of the invitation please refer to https://kb.blackbaud.com/articles/Article/46340
  6. We have 3 users in Altru now that will share a login after single sign on goes into effect. Should I delete the as users inside Altru and enter a generic user? 
    1. While we don't recommend shared logins, we understand that there may be some situations where it is not practical for your organization to have separate accounts. In this specific scenario, you could either create a brand new user after SSO is enabled, or you may wish to repurpose one of the 3 accounts that already exists. Note that if the users have entered any transactions in your database, you will not be able to delete them, only mark inactive.
  7. I have different passwords for Altru and the Blackbaud community. Will we be making a new password for both sites when the new login feature comes out?
    1. If you already have a Blackbaud login for the community or to contact chat support, you will be able to use that same login to access Altru. This new process will link that account to Altru, and have one less login for you to remember! 
  8. If you use Google Authentication and need to reset your Blackbaud password after 180 days, will you just resubmit the Google Authentication link?
    1. If your account is marked inactive after 180 days, your Blackbaud.com Site Administrator should be able to mark your record active again. 
  9. Can you log in to Altru from Blackbaud.com?
    1. Yes. Using the new Omnibar functionality, when you are logged into Blackbaud.com, you will see a drop-down menu in the top left hand corner of your screen. Hovering over the Blackbaud logo will show any other programs linked to your Blackbaud ID, including Altru.
  10. After the update, will every Blackbaud product a user has access to automatically be linked to their Blackbaud ID?
    1. It depends, as not all Blackbaud products have enabled Single Sign-On at this time. Also, the linking process is not automatic. Just like you have to take the first step to either link an existing account, or invite a new user from Altru, you would need to take similar steps in any other program using Single Sign-On.
  11. Any changes to user roles?
    1. There are no changes to system roles themselves (although we are introducing 2 new "add-on" roles for Ticket Sellers in version 4.98). We do plan on deprecating the "Unlock User Accounts and Reset Passwords" system role in the next release as this role will be obsolete.
  12. What if my users expire, can I just re-invite them after the 180 days?
    1. Re-inviting should not be necessary. Instead, when they attempt to login, they will be asked to reset their password.
  13. Can we change what email address a Blackbaud ID account is linked to, in case a user leaves our organization and we need access to items they built in Altru?
    1. Only the user who 'owns' the Blackbaud ID will be able to change the email address associated with the ID. In this situation we would recommend simply creating a new user with the same system roles, and marking the old user Inactive.
  14. How will this affect a CounterPoint or VolunteerHub integration account?
    1. Existing integrations will continue to work until the current password expires. At that point we recommend working with your contact at CounterPoint or VolunteerHub to link the account to a Blackbaud ID. Once linked, CounterPoint/VolunteerHub would simply need to update the credentials used for these integrations going forward. The experience will actually be smoother with Blackbaud ID due to the removal of the 90-day enforced password resets.
  15. Do we need to do anything for behind-the-scenes system accounts like JobUser or BBNCAppPool?
    1. These accounts are treated differently than standard user accounts and as such there are no changes necessary.