This issue can occur if a Google Tag Manager script has been added in the site tracking field under Administration > Sites & Settings. To resolve this issue, remove the comment line at the top of the code that is generated by Google.

To edit the tracking code from site tracking:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Sites & Settings.
  2. Select the site level from the left hand navigation tree.
  3. Under site tracking, remove the Google Tag manager script and unmark the enable site tracking checkbox.
  4. Save.

Google Analytics no longer generates the analytics.js "ga" code, needed by NetCommunity, for Site Tracking. 
Instead it will only generate the Google Tag Manger "gtag.js" code by default.

The "gtag.js" code can cause the donation form confirmation the donation form confirmation screen not to display. To resolve this issue follow the steps outlined below:
  1. Edit the site tracking code under Administration > Sites & settings
  2. The first line of the code should have the word async
  3. Replace aync with async="true"
  4. Press Save