Unable to select a new primary member when renewing a membership in Daily or Advanced sales

When renewing, upgrading or downgrading a membership in Daily Sales/Advance Sales, you are unable to select a new primary member. The primary type field is grayed out.
Our Product Development team has reviewed this issue and determined at this time it is functioning as expected. We can utilize our feedback process to request a change to this functionality by submitting an idea through the community for future development. 

Alternative Solution: 
  1. Open Constituent Record
  2. Click Memberships tab
  3. Open Membership Record > Click Edit Members
  4. Mark the checkbox for the appropriate Primary Member
  5. Click Save

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In Daily Sales, select a Patron (who has an existing membership)
  2. Click Renew
  3. Highlight the membership, click Edit
  4. Select a new level, term, etc
  5. In the Primary members section, try to click the Primary field for another member
  6. Notice this is grayed out and we cannot change the primary member

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