In RE:NXT web view, functionality that allows users to define new individuals and organizations through the add relationship form differs from the database view.  Users will not have the ability to add new individuals/organizations from the relationship form when they do not have RE7 database view 'Add constituent' rights.

  1. In the database view, navigate to Admin> Security
  2. Open the security group in question under the Groups section
  3. Under Group Privileges, highlight Records and click the Options button
  4. In the new window, on the CONSTITUENT row, mark the checkbox for Add rights for the group
  5. Unmark all edit/delete rights for any other constituent related functionality (ie Biographical, Alias, Address, etc.) that is not required for the group
  6. Click OK
  7. Save and Close the security group
  8. In NXT, have the user refresh the page and allow for the security rights to be updated 

After performing this, the user will have rights to add relationships in RE-NXT/RE7 but not have rights to modify anything else on constituent records.