To do this, navigate to:
  1. Lists > Manage Lists
  2. Click Manage Basic and Advanced Lists
  3. Click List Templates
  4. Select the Admission Category in the Dropdown
  5. Next to Candidate Information select View/Copy
  6. Under Select Objects expand Admission
  7. Select Candidate Detail
  8. Select Display Fields
  9. Click Select Fields
  10. Expand User Base > Candidate > Candidate Detail 
  11. Mark How Hear
  12. Click Select
  13. Select Filters
  14. Under Global Filters click +to add a Filter of: Candidate.Entering Year any of 20XX-20XX
  15. Click Select
  16. Click Preview in the bottom Right to ensure it is pulling in the Results desired
  17. Name the List (you may place the List in a Category if desired) 
  18. Click Save or Save & Exit