If running a report, like a Gift Detail and Summary Report or a Comparison and Summary based on Gift Fund and comparing those totals to the Analyze>Overview panels, the numbers may not match for the current time period.

The filters and date range must match between the Analyze panel and the RE report.  NOTE that Analyze calculates based on Fiscal Year.
The Gift types in Analyze will be based on either Revenue or Committed.  There are additional options in Control Panel>Settings for either Revenue or Committed.  The RE report must have the same selections.
The report in RE must have Soft Credit set to Donor and MG to MG Company.

If viewing the CURRENT Fiscal year, the Report in RE database view will be current.  Analyze panels refresh every 6 hours.  If new gifts are being added into The Raiser's Edge, the Gift Detail and Summary Report or other report will reflect those gifts, but the Analyze panel will not reflect those gifts until the next refresh of the panels.  As a result, the report in The Raiser's Edge may not match the Analyze panel for a current time period.