Direct Debit Return Batch with a write off to reject a payment resets the balance to 0

When using a Direct Debit Return Batch and writing off/rejecting a payment in 4.0, the balance is reset to 0.  In 3.0, the balance is set to the original balance before the write-off/reject.  
Version 4.0 introduced additional configuration options for Recurring gift payment handling.  The results described in this article occur when you have selected the option "Decrease the installment amount to match the payment amount (other installments are unaffected)".  

Steps to Duplicate

1. In 4.0, enter a write-off to reject a payment in a Direct Debit REturn Batch
2. Commit batch
3. note that the balance is set = 0
4. Repeat steps 1-2 in 3.0
5. note that the balance is set back to original balance


 Blackbaud CRM

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