​You can delete constituents as long as they have no revenue, memberships, sales orders, or online registration information on their constituent record.
  1. Delete the constituent.
    1. ​Go to Constituents > Constituent Search.  Search for and select the constituent you want to delete.
    2. Under Tasks, click Delete.
    3. Note: Once you delete a constituent, it cannot be undone and there is no way to retrieve the constituent information.
  2.  Delete revenue, then delete constituent.  ​​If you have back office revenue, you can delete the revenue, then delete the constituent.
    1. Go to Revenue, Revenue History.
    2. Click on the Revenue Type.
    3. Click Delete Payment.
    4. Note: Once you delete a payment, it cannot be undone and there is no way to retrieve the revenue or credit card information.
    5. Then use the steps above to delete the constituent.
  3. If there are sales orders on their record, mark the constituent inactiveSales orders can not be deleted, only refunded, for audit purposes.  Therefore the constituent cannot be deleted.  Instead, mark the constituent inactive.