My expired member cards still work

 A membership card was canceled, and when it was scanned using the barcode field it brought up the membership record and did not say anything about the card being expired.  
Canceled membership cards that use the membership card number will still pull up the constituent in a daily sales search.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to a constituent’s record
  2. Go to their membership tab
  3. Click on the membership record
  4. Go to membership card section
  5. Hit expand
  6. Print card
  7. Open file in word
  8. Use the number in between the ** or if you have barcode font double click on barcode and change the font so that is appears as a number  
  9. Go back to the membership card section in Altru
  10. Hit expand
  11. Hit cancel card
  12. Go to sales
  13. Go to daily sales
  14. In patron search pull in the number from step 8
  15. See that it pulls the membership record even though the card is canceled.


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