There are few reasons this could be happening:

The import assumes that:
  • All users and phones of the specified already exist
  • The contact is already related to the user
  • The contact has not already been saved as an active or inactive emergency contact by phone or email

If those conditions are met, a successfully passed record will set the contact as an active emergency contact of the user.

An inactive contact cannot be switched to active via this import. Unfortunately, if anyone has previously accessed the Manage Emergency Contacts task and clicked ‘Save’ for the user, all related contacts have been saved as ‘inactive’, and they cannot be managed via this import.

This means the primary use case for this import is for adding Emergency Contacts for the first time for new students; such as in the final step in a process of loading new families. 

If a record shows ‘passed’ in an import validation file but the contact does not show as ‘Active’, they were previously set as ‘Inactive’ and were not updated.

You can reach out to Support and have the Data Team remove all of the emergency contacts for current students and then use the import to set them up again if you do not wish to manually edit these 1x1.