To track an Application submitted online through the grantee portal, please follow the steps below:
1. Launch and log into your GIFTS Online site
2. Click the Launch tab > Select 'Report Manager'
3. A listing of Report Types will appear on the left side of the screen > Highlight 'Applications'
4. What should result is that a list of reports will appear to the right > Search for the report entitled 'Submitted Applications Detailed' and double-click it to begin launching the report
5. A window now appears > Enter the date range for when the applicant submitted the application. If you are unsure of the specific date, you may choose 'on or before' and select today's date, but the report will take longer to run.
6. A list of options appears that may be checked > Check the boxes for the Application forms that are involved in your search. Again, if you are uncertain, you may select all choices, but the report will take longer to run.
7. Click OK to allow the report to launch
8. Once the report opens, there should be a Search tool at the top of the screen > Enter the tracking number and search
9. Your results should appear > You may then use the details provided in the report within GIFTS to pull more information. If the results do not appear, the Application was likely not submitted