To create a new Confirmation Email Template:

  1. Navigate to Communications > Manage Categories (or click on the desired category such as Email Templates)
  2. Click New Template under the category name (or click New Email or Document Template under Tasks if within a specific category)
  3. In the template step 1: Settings, enter a name for the template under Basic Information.
  4. Click Next.
  5. In the template step 2: Layouts, click on Documents and then click on select one of the following: eCommerce Confirmation, Receipt w/ Stub (Bottom), or Receipt w/ Stub (Top).
  6. Click Next.
  7. In the template step 3: Edit, make the desired edits. Optionally to use this an official tax receipt with a receipt number, add the merge field Generated Receipt Number to the template:
  8. Put the cursor where the number should appear.
  9. Click on Insert eTapestry merge value icon (lower row, next to last button)
  10. On Fields tab, set Category to Journal Fields and Field to Generated Receipt Receipt Number.
  11. Click Insert.
  12. When edits are complete, click Next to Save and Finish the template.

To specify a template on a DIY form:

  1. Open the form settings.
  2. Mark Send the donor a confirmation email.
  3. Enter the from address.
  4. Enter the subject line.
  5. Scroll down the list of Confirmation Email Template Field.
  6. Locate the name of the template. (Note: Templates are listed as Category - Template Name)
  7. Highlight to select.
  8. If generating receipt numbers, scroll down to Generate receipts from transactions on this page? and mark it.
  9. Click Update to save the changes.

For additional information, please refer to How To Create a Communications Template