UK: R68 gift aid refund duplicated when adjusted payment is deleted prior to refund run

A duplicate gift aid refund is produced when a payment with gift aid already claimed is adjusted to change the designation to disqualified one and then the payment is deleted prior to the refund run.
We are currently evaluting this problem for a fix in a future version.

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate

Replicated on sample data.

- Add a payment that’s qualified for gift aid (GA) to a constituent with a valid gift aid declaration
- Run R68 process to claim GA and update the record with the tax claim number
- Edit the payment so that a disqualified designation is used instead  (refund will be marked ‘Application adjusted’)
- Refund is generated which you’ll see on the payment record’s ‘Gift Aid Refunds’ tab
- Delete the payment before running the R68 process
- Run the R68 again to generate the refunds and two records are processed but neither appear on the R68 Refund report



 Blackbaud CRM

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