Site Tracking
Site Tracking may be conflicting with the functionality of the page, especially when clicking Logout doesn't log you out. Review site tracking to ensure it is formatted properly and that it does not include Google Tag Manager. 
  1. Log in to the NetCommunity website
  2. Navigate to Administration>Sites & Settings
  3. Select your site in the upper left corner
  4. Scroll down to Site Tracking
  5. If Site Tracking is enabled, review the code within it for formatting. You may consider copying the source code for the tracking again, and pasting it back into NetCommunity. 
    • Note: Google Tag Manager is not supported in this area. You must add Google Tag Manager to a Page or Template. How do I Add Google Tag Manager to NetCommunity
    • Note: you can confirm if Site Tracking is the root cause by temporarily removing the code within this section, save it to an external notepad source, test your page, and then add the code back. 
  6. If any changes are made, click Save
Link Formatting
Check the formatting of the link to ensure a valid link is added to the area in question. The exact steps for this will vary based on the manner in which the link is added. Below are a few suggestions.
If you removed Site Tracking or Site Tracking was not enabled for your organization, and you checked the link formatting, and the behavior is persistent, then this points to a design related behavior. How do I fix design issues or make changes to the design on my site?

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