Error: Site cannot be found or Site redirects to a URL with a 1 at the end - when navigating to NetCommunity page

When navigating to your NetCommunity URL, you reach a page not found or site not found message.
When reviewing the URL of the NetCommunity site, you notice a 1 is added to the end of it.  For example, would redirect to Blackbaud.com1.
A 1 may be added to the end of the URL if a trailing space is on the end of the Primary Site URL while the site undergoes an upgrade.  The 1 will need to be removed from the end of the URL.
  1. Navigate to your internal URL, clicking through any security prompts
  2. Navigate to Administration > Sites & Settings
  3. Select the site on the left
  4. Delete the 1 or the trailing space from the Primary site URL field
  5. Click Save at the top

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to your NetCommunity URL
  2. Note that a 1 is being added to the end of the URL

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