Depending on the way your Altru API or Odata dedicated users use Altru you may need to make some changes after the SSO upgrade in Altru. 

Scenario 1: We have a dedicated user account for API/Odata connections (like OdataUser1234) that is not used to log in to Altru
Answer: If you have a dedicated user account for Odata/API connections, you won't need to change/update credentials right away — your existing Altru credentials will continue to work for Odata/API connections. However, the old 90 day password reset requirement means that you will eventually need to link the dedicated account to a Blackbaud ID before the password expires.

Scenario 2: I use my own login for API/Odata connections (such as JLewis1234) and I will link to a Blackbaud ID.
Answer: If you currently use the same username & password for Odata/API connections that you use to log in to Altru, you will need to update those credentials after the upgrade. For example, you'll link JLewis1234 (your current Altru account) to (your new Blackbaud ID). When you connect to an Odata feed via Excel, enter your Blackbaud ID credentials to log in.

Scenario 3: I use my own login for API/Odata connections (such as JLewis1234) and I plla to link via Google Authentication.
Answer: Google authentication does not work with Odata or the API so you'll need to use Blackbaud authentication — even with a Gmail account.

Note: If you already authenticated your Blackbaud ID using your Google account, but want to switch to using Blackbaud authentication, follow these steps.