Now that Altru is enabled for single sign-on, you can still link an application user to a constituent record. The only change is the improved process for managing application users and adding system roles.

For System Role Administrators, you can now quickly link an application user record to a constituent record from the Add an application user record screen. If you didn't link the records when you first invited the application user, return to the Application Users page and edit the application user record. Below are the instructions for adding a constituent to an application users after the user has been invited:

  1. Go to Administration 
  2. Click Application Users
  3. Click on the chevron next to the user name 
  4. Click Edit
  5. Search for the Constituent in the Linked Constituent Field
  6. Click Save
If this user is also a Fundraiser and will need access to the My Fundraiser Page ensure you assign the 'Fundraiser' constituent code to their linked constituent record.