In-school payments are created when a family pays the school directly and the school posts the payment to Blackbaud Tuition Management.  There are occasions when the school needs to adjust the payment.  For example, the check was returned for insufficient funds, the check was posted the an incorrect account or it was posted for an incorrect amount. 

The steps to remove an in-school payment are:
  1. In the search bar, type in the family name or family id number
  2. On the family main page, click the payment to be voided.
  3. Click on Void Payment if the payment was just applied - or - Cancel Payment button if the payment was under the Settled column
    1. If the payment was under Settled and you clicked Cancel Payment, select either Yes or No to  Apply Late fee
    2. Click on the Yes to email button to send email to family, if applicable
  4. Click Reason to void/cancel
  5. Type in an explanation for voiding/cancelling the payment, ie payment applied in error
  6. Click Save
  7. Click Close
This process will remove the payment amount from the Billing Summary. The payment will still be reflected in the View Payment History tab.