In the Families tab, choose Email Parents in the drop-down list.

Under Select Families/Students:
  1. Change the Show <Total> Rows drop down to the maximum number of records.
  2. Choose your desired filters from Select Families And Students Using Filters.
  3. Mark the option to include all above records or individually mark the boxes beside desired records.
To upload a custom list of recipients, please see: How can I send a blast email to a custom list of parents?

Under Prepare & Send Mail:
  1. Choose One Time Email or Template Based Email.
  2. Choose Include Only Primary Email or Include Both Primary And Secondary Email.
  3. Enter an email subject and email body (include CC or change Email From if necessary).
  4. Include School Logo, School Name, or School Code if desired.
  5. Include an attachment by clicking Choose Files - click Upload after choosing the file.
  6. Choose the Show <Total> Rows to the maximum m=number of records possible in the Email Would be Sent to Following Families section.
  7. Click Send Email.
Note: Emails will be saved on each individual record under Communication History. 
Note: Only one email can be cc'ed on these communications.