Creating a new fee allows the school to bill additional incidentals throughout the school year (Ex. Lunch fee, Basketball fee, Band fee, ).  A school admin can create a new fee at anytime during the school year.

To add a new fee:  
  1. Navigate to: FEES & DISCOUNTS > Manage Fees & Discounts 
  2. Click 'Add New Fee'
  3. Enter a Fee Name
  4. Complete optional fields:
  • General Ledger ID
  • Fee Amount (If the fee will be different for each student/family the fee amount can be left blank)
  • Fee Description
  • Project Code
  1. Select whom this will apply to: Family or Student
  2. Select the 'Distribute Type':
  • 1st Month
  • Across Plan
  • Specific Months
  • Across Tuition Months
  1. If 'Specific Months' was selected, then select the Months
  2. If 'Student' was selected, select the Grade Levels of students that this can be applied to
  3. Click Save