If the student that is withdrawing is the only student on the account, and a balance remains to be collected, it is advisable not to set them to withdrawn. For more detail, please see: Are there drawbacks to withdrawing a student?

Use the following steps to withdraw a student.
  1. Enter the web address www.school.smarttuition.com > enter your log in credentials 
  2. Enter the family's name or Smart family ID in the top right hand corner
  3. Click on the family's name in the search results.
  4. Go to the blue arrow on the left hand side of the screen > select edit billing details
  5. Begin to enter zeros (0) in the future billing months for the student(s) that will no longer be attending > enter a reason for the changes in the highlighted red box > click the save changes button. 
  6. Go to the blue arrow button on the left hand side of the screen > select more options > click update parent & student info
  7. On the right hand side select the grade withdrew from the little blue box 
  8. Enter the reason for the grade change > click next > save
  9. Click on the blue arrow on the left of the screen > select the very first option main family page > review the account
Please be advised of certain stipulations that may occur when withdrawing a student.
  1. Did the family make a payment? If so, you will need to unallocate the payments before you can edit the billing details 
  2. If the family did not make a payment and did not attend the school at all you can go into the edit billing details and click on the zero out account button > enter a reason for the billing change > save changes
  3. If the family did not attend but did make auto debit payments that need to be refunded you will need to offset the prior months in the current month. You can zero out from the current month forward and enter a -$$$ in the current month to offset for the prior past due months. This will show you what amount will need to be refunded to the family for the months they did not attend.