Insert button missing for Style Sheet Options in Formatted Text and Image part

When editing a Formatted Text and Image part, you open the Style Sheet Options. After selecting the Style Sheet you want to edit using, you don't see the Save button or the Insert Button. You can't expand the Style Sheet Options window. You are not able to save the Style Sheet Options window in the Formatted Text and Image part. Screenshot example below.

Style Sheet Options Insert Button Missing

We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

In the interim, after selecting the style sheet from the dropdown, click the Tab key on your keyboard. This will tab the viewing pane and let you click Insert. Screenshot example of screen view after clicking tab.

Style Sheet Options tabbed

Note: For Apple/Mac OSX users, you may need to enable the Tab key for switching between dialog boxes and buttons. 

To enable the Tab Key for navigating dialog boxes or buttons: 

  1. Launch System Preferences from the Apple menu
  2. Click on the “Keyboards” preference panel
  3. Select the “Shortcuts” tab (sometimes called “Keyboard Shortcuts” in older versions of OS X)
  4. Look near the bottom of the window for a mention of “Full Keyboard Access: In windows and dialogs, press Tab to move keyboard focus between:” and click to select the radio button next to “All controls”*
  5. Close System Preferences
Now you should be able to access the Insert button by Tabbing through to the end of the window.

Reference source: Use the Tab Key to Switch Between Dialog Buttons in Mac OS X

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Edit the Formatted Text and Image part
  2. Click View>Style Sheet Options
  3. Make a selection from the dropdown "Edit using style sheet:"
  4. Note: you don't see a save button or insert button

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