You can batch add fees or discounts to multiple families all at once for a specific amount.  Batch adding can be applied by family or student depending how the fee/discount is set up.  

To batch add fees and discounts: 
  1. Make sure the fee/discount is set up first. (Creating a Fee) (How do I create a new discount?)
  2. Hover over the Families tab and go to Manage families.
  3. Click the View Mode to Family or student depending on how the fee is set up.
  4. Select your filter options
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and expand the rows, if needed
  6. Mark the boxes on the left to the accounts that will have the fee/discount applied
  7. You may click on the all to select all
  8. Under perform batch action click Select Action
  9. Select either Apply Fee or Apply Discount
  10. Locate the name of the fee or discount
  11. Enter the amount (full amount of the fee)
  12. Click the month/s 
  13. Click submit