Payers may inadvertently have their payment applied to the wrong year or the payment was applied to the wrong account. This may be due to the following reasons:
  • Wrong school year account number
  • Online banking has incorrect account number
  • Paid online and did not select the correct school year
  • Current or next school year account not active
  • Unclear account number written on the check
  • Payments on a duplicate account     
  • No account number on the check or wire transfer
Payment transfers are requested through Support. Contact Support or submit the request through Case Central. In order for us to transfer the payment to the correct school year or account, you must provide the following:
  1. The account number where the payment was applied
  2. The payment ID found on the Payment Details
  3. The account number or school year to apply the payment
Note: The payment must be deemed successful in order to complete the transfer. You can check the status in the Payment Details. If the payment was remitted to your school, you will see a withholding on the funds transfer for the failed payment in that school year and a deposit for the payment applied in the correct school year. We will clearly document the transaction on the Remittance Report.