1. Open the family account homepage.
2. Hover over the blue arrow on the left side of the screen. Under "More Options" click "Review Follow Up."
3. Under the "Smart Follow Up Fee Charged" column select the months to turn the Follow Up service off for and then scroll down and hit "Save Changes." You will need to enter in a reason before saving. If you wish to turn the Follow Up service off for all remaining months select the larger button at the top of the screen "Smart Follow Up Fees" and turn them off. Again, hit "Save Changes", enter your reason, then hit "Save Changes" again.


1. Turning off the Follow Up Service turns off Smart Tuition's late fees and delinquent calls & emails.
2. If your school charges a late fee make sure to turn off the school late fees as well as Smart's late fees.
3. For future tracking purposes your reason for turning the Follow Up service off will appear under "Notes & Requests" on the family account homepage.