Completing Enrollment will move the Family(s) account from a pending status to an active status. Pending Families contain accounts that are not active for family use. The Family's account may need additional data such as billing or contain warnings or other problems that prevent enrollment into the system. Please correct the errors to complete enrollment.

It is possible to add students to a family before they are moved from Pending to Active.

The accounts can be activated/completed individually or by batch function. 
  1. In the top right corner, next to the name of the school, verify that you are in the correct school year.
  2. Select the Enrollment Tab > Select the Pending Families folder
  3. Enrollment must be completed in Family View, not Student View (Family View is the default)
  4. At the bottom of the screen change the Show (15) Rows to the maximum of 100. 
  5. You may select an individual account by marking the box to the left of the family name or use the Select All function by marking the box with the check mark in it next to the Families column.
  6. Select Select Action > Select Complete Enrollment
  • This must be done per page
Some additional items that are critical to completing enrollment
  • Accounts displaying prior months in the billing details will need to have the payment plan re-applied to so that it starts from the current month and going forward (if the payment plan on the account allows for current/future months).
  • Accounts that are within 5 days of their 1st payment will require Support to complete the enrollment on your behalf > The workaround is to start the payment plan for the next available month on the plan and once active you may override the payment plan to include the current month.
  • Please keep in mind that if the due date has passed in the current month, we will not auto debit the account or send an invoice.