Error: This field must not exceed '' Characters when Filling out IGAM Application does not Clear when Deleting out all Characters in Field

When filling out an IGAM application the character limit error will occur, but upon deleting out the characters out of the field to reduce the character count the error does not clear. When the user exits the application the error is still there even if the field is completely empty.This occurs with any field in the application.
This is resolved in IGAM 6.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into IGAM as applicant
2. Start an application and fill out fields
3. In one of the fields, for example, Activities, see the This field must not exceed '' Characters error occur if have entered too much data in the field which is expected
4. Delete some or all of the data out of that field
5. Note that error does not clear when it is expected that it would clear
6. Note that even when saving exiting the application and re-opening the error is still present.

Current Workaround is to send the draft and delete the application and start over.



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