Parent phone calls are documented under the Notes & Request section on a family's account. The call agents will leave a note open if it needs further review or action taken. This may include a request for a due date change or a follow up fee waived. When you handle the note, we ask that you close it out. 

From the Family's Home Page:
  1. Scroll down to the Notes & Requests section
  2. Click on an Open or In Progress note and review the request (adjust the parent account accordingly)
  3. Leave a remark in the Enter Your Remarks Here box 
  4. Click Save Remark
  5. Click Mark As Done if no further action is needed.
  6. Enter the adjustments/changes or if the request was not granted in the Resolution Text box (required)
  7. Mark the box for Send Email Notification to email the family of the resolution (copy of email will be in the family's Communication History folder.
  8. Click OK
You may also follow these steps, once the note is opened:
Steps to close a note