You can search for families using the search bar or by using the View All Families/View All Students function.

Using the Search Bar

1. Enter either part of, or all of, a parent's name or student's name.
2. Click Go
3. Select the appropriate account.

Note: Phone number, email, and Smart Family ID's can also be entered into the search bar to search for an account. The entirety of the phone number, email or ID must be entered.

Using View All Families/Students

1. Hover over the Families tab on the upper left hand side of the Smart Home Page
2. Select either "View All Families" or "View All Students". The following steps are applicable to either.
3. Narrow down the list by either using the Letter Filters which filter by the last name or one of the available filters.
4. You can add other columns, such as Family Name, to view the students' contacts.

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