Buy Now is used for one-time purchases.  Examples would be Prom Tickets, Play Tickets, or Art Supplies.  The Client Administrator would be able to create an item for purchase, upload an image of the item, and set the price. Once the Item is created, the user can either add the item to a group of items that are related, or create a new group for just the single item.  Once that is decided and configured, the system will auto-generate a link that can be embedded into an email and distributed to the respective audience. 

Give Now would be for Donations and Capitol Campaigns.   The Client Administrator would be able to create the item, upload an image, set the donation amount, and set it as a one-time donation or a recurring donation. The recurring donation option would allow the donor to set up a monthly amount to be auto debited a day of the month, for the set number of months. An Example would be for A New Campus Center. Two items could be set up. The first would be for a one-time donation. The second would allow the payer to choose to have a set amount debited from their account monthly. The terms for the recurring donation would be specified in the description field. 

This is a free add on service for existing Smart Clients. Clients can set the payment methods to be Checking or Savings, Credit Card- with or without passing the fee to the donors (based on state regulations).

This product is stand-alone.  This means that the Buy Now Give Now can be set up and sent out to Alumnus, Grandparents, Extended Family, and local communities.  The payments and reporting stands alone from Smart Tuition, and is not interfaced to the traditional payment plan accounts. Any payments collected would be remitted independently to the client to a separate bank account, if need be. These products also have separate reporting.