Refresh payment plan is used to start tuition billing in the current month or next available billing month. This is generally used for late enrollments, since the actual payment plans may have started in a prior month.
Warning: Refreshing payment plan removes all prior months in existing payment plan. 

From Main Family Page:
  1. Hover over the blue tab and select More Options > Payment Settings
  2. Select Payment Plan 
  3. Click on Select New Plan
  4. Select Refresh Current Payment Plan 
  5. Select any Additional Tuition Options, if applicable
  6. Click Refresh Plan 
  7. Review Payment Plan Preview  (Do not attempt to add additional billing or change the amounts)
  8. Use the Distribution Type options on the right of the page
  9. Click Refresh Plan to save changes 
If you are unable to Refresh the plan, please be sure that no new amounts were added. If the billing line is highlighted in pink, change the Distribution Type to Across Tuition Months.